Are rats harmful for humans?

Are rats harmful for humans?

The first and foremost thing that comes to mind while thinking about the pests is the rats. The rats may be smaller in size and they may sound to be harmless. But they are considered to cause severe health impacts on humans. It is to be noted that they are more dangerous than they spell to be.


This virus is capable of causing a huge health risk for human and the main cause of this virus is the droppings of the rats. In case if this virus gets converted into Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, they cause fatal effects to humans. The most unfortunate thing is there is not cure or any kind of vaccine for this disease. Hence one should never take things easily. In case, if there are any symptoms which reveal the presence of rats, one must immediately hire the rodent control services singapore.

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This is another common disease which is spread by rats. This not only affects the humans but also the other mammals. The people who are affected by this disease will suffer from the problems like high fever, abdominal pain and at times they may also get bleeding over their skin. These people should immediately consult the medical experts to start their treatment in the very early stage.

Apart from these, they can cause several other medical issues on humans. Hence as mentioned above, one must hire the help of the pest control experts in order to avoid getting exposed to major health issues.