Digital locks are Ideal for use in an intelligent house

The accuracy and dependability of European luxury vehicles served as a true inspiration for the design and development of the smart lock systems in use today. Kaadas has become the world’s first digital lock brand to partner with these premium vehicle companies. Discover the breakthrough The Legend digital smart lock, which is infused with the architectural character of Lamborghini and is available now. The home digital lock Singapore is the best safe locking system that operates with passcode and fingerprint.

Motives for Investing in a Digital Lock

  • The ease of use provided by a keyless system
  • You will never forget to close and lock your door again.
  • You may invite people into your house simply and securely.
  • They are designed in a contemporary and fashionable manner.

Passcode or fingerprint to open the door is the safe option

The days of rummaging through your bag for your keys are long gone. These days, all you need is a passcode or your fingerprint to open your door, and some computerised locks even have face recognition technology built into them. Every smart contemporary home’s entry is secured with a digital door lock controlled by a smartphone app.

Not every entrance or gate is immediately capable of accommodating a digital lock. Before you put an electronic lock on your door, be sure that it meets the following specifications:

  • At least 40mm in thickness is required for the entry.
  • The distance between the main entrance and the gate should be 80mm.
  • The distance between the handlebar and the border of the door should be at least 120mm apart.

Once you get accustomed to the convenience of not having to carry your keys around with you, you’ll appreciate it even more than before. Every time you leave your home, you won’t have to dig through your pockets for your keys since you won’t be using them to lock and open your door. That also means you won’t have to worry about losing your keys anymore since you won’t have any to lose.