The best materials for waterproof flooring in New Hyde Park, NY

Waterproof floors are a necessity these days. It is especially crucial to use water-resistant material in the bathrooms and kitchen, where the area is most susceptible to moisture exposure. It is because moisture, humidity, and steam can degrade the floor. So, one should install waterproof flooring in New Hyde Park, NY, or any other place. Several suitable materials are available in the market. Here are the top water-proof floor materials.

  1. Tiles

Tile is one of the most used materials for bathroom floors. It can withstand a lot of moisture and steam. Several materials are used to make tiles. Porcelain absorbs water very slowly, even if exposed to water for hours. Ceramic is also a good option. One may consult an expert to see what material would be the best. Irrespective of the material, one should choose unglazed tiles which are thicker and less prone to slipping.

  1. Vinyl (luxury planks)

Vinyl is one of the most affordable water-resistant flooring materials. It is synthetic with several layers of PVC bonded together and covered with a finishing layer. If someone is looking for a premium material, they can look into the new luxury planks. These are different from the conventional vinyl sheets and give an elegant appearance.

Vinyl comes in different colors and patterns. So, one can also pick a design that mimics wood or tiles if one can not afford these materials.

  1. Sheet vinyl

Luxury vinyl is a bit on the expensive side. So, if someone can not afford to spend that much money, they can choose a vinyl sheet instead. It does not come in the same quality but is good enough for the price. One can easily purchase a six or 12-foot long sheet tile for about 50 cents. But, if the floor has multiple seams, water can soak in and lead to mold growth. These sheets also come in different patterns and colors. So, if someone is looking for a bit of funky material, vinyl sheets are the best.

Laminate wood is also a good option for waterproof flooring in New Hyde Park, NY. So, one can choose a material that suffices all their requirements.