The tool that makes the tofu super soft

The tofu that is purchased will be full of water and preparing the dish with them be not give much positive result to make the dish tastier. The use of the tofu makes it possible to get the desired texture to the tofu and this can be achieved by usingĀ tofu press amazon along with giving a good texture that enhances the flavor of the tofu. When the excess water is drained it can be given a greater flavor by using marinades and at the same time serve as a safer protein without frying them. with the help of a tofu press, it is possible to get crispy and crunchy tofu.

Box-style tofu presses:

This kind of tofu press requires keeping the tofu block inside a plastic or metal container. After placing the tofu need to be pushed downward using the weighted or the kind of spring-loaded plate. This makes the tofu drained of water and leaves them to be chewy as well as dense.

tofu press

This also helps to store tofu in the fridge and can be used for cooking straightly as the spring will push down all the unwanted water.

Plate style presses:

This comes with two slabs which are mainly made of metal as well as plastic. The tofu needs to be placed between them. It has to be tightened with the help of four adjustable screws to remove the excess water from the tofu. This kind of tool is best for those who use tofu more frequently in the varied dish.