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Adverse Effects of Hard Water And Why Is It Bad For You And Your Home

It is not easy to detect hard water. But some effects are noticeable, like on your fixtures, pipes, and even on your skin. Other than that, there are adverse effects that are caused by hard water. You must take into consideration getting water softeners Cincinnati. To help you understand the need to have a water softener for your water supply, here are the negative impacts of hard water.

Hard Water Effects On Skin

As mentioned above, one of the most obvious ways to determine if you have hard water is how your skin reacts to it. Hard water can cause skin irritation. In children, the water that you use at home is one of the causes of eczema. Also, adults who use hard water for bathing notice that their skin becomes dry and develop bumpy patches. Adverse effects of hard water on skin happens because this contains minerals that make the cleansing products difficult to dissolve in water. Because of this, it can lead to skin irritation if you do not rinse your skin correctly.

Reasons Why Hard Water Is Bad For Your Home

One of the most affected by hard water is your home. Pipes can get clogged, and when this happens, your appliances cannot last long, and it will perform less efficiently too. Because of this, you will end up paying higher energy bills and deal with problems on appliance maintenance. Other than that, hard water stains are unsightly. You can see them in your shower, bathtubs, and other water fixtures. If you have glass showers at home, it becomes opaque with hard water and may end up looking dirty because of the stains.

water softener

Health-Related Effects of Hard Water

Hard water will not only bring about inconvenience. Hard water is extremely hazardous to anyone’s health. Regular exposure to hard water can have adverse effects on your health, especially when you drink it. Now you have to take note that hard water contains very high levels of calcium and magnesium. Too much of these can affect your organs and eventually cause health problems.

An increase in cardiovascular risks is one of the extreme effects of hard water. Many studies revealed that drinking hard water can cause high blood pressure and other heart diseases. Other than that, it can also increase your risk of developing cancer, diabetes, gastric, ovarian, and even neural diseases. Hard water can also increase the risk of reproductive failure in adults, whereas, in children, it can cause growth issues.

Water is everything. From drinking, cleaning, bathing, washing clothes, cleaning your home, and so on. It is safe to say that no one cannot even survive without water. But there is no reason for you to suffer from its hard elements. There is something that you can do about it – get a water softener.

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