farewell gift for colleague

Farewell: Say goodbye to your colleague

It is soon to come, the farewell, colleague is changing jobs and if one want to show her how much she will be missing then the best way is by best sayings and gift ideas.

You worked side by side for years, got excited about the boss, had lunch together – and now the colleague is leaving.  That is sad, but for the colleague it not only means goodbye, but also a kind of new beginning.  Often it is the start of retirement, a change of job or the end of a project, sometimes a year abroad.  Whatever it is, a new chapter in life is ahead of her.  In order to say goodbye to them, there are a few things you should keep in mind and a farewell gift for colleague is must.

As with many situations, it depends. Anyone who has been with the company for many years and is now retiring or changing jobs should definitely receive an appreciation in the form of a small farewell speech or an official farewell email.  As a rule, the supervisor says something, as does the departing colleague.  If a present is presented by a colleague, a few short words and perhaps a farewell saying are appropriate.

 When choosing your words, you should consider the following points:

How close were you?  With close cooperation, the words can also contain a few anecdotes from everyday working life. Was the working atmosphere not very pleasant: Try to find positive words and thank you for the good cooperation.  An emotional farewell is certainly not expected from either side.

 If you still want contact after spending time together at work, feel free to say so!  A simple “thank you” and good wishes for the future always fit. Farewell: Say goodbye to your colleague with a saying.

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