Firming the skin from the inside: sport is not everything!

It often happens that the skin loses its elasticity over time. The causes can be many and certainly prevention plays a fundamental role in keeping the skin toned and elastic  skin tightening Toronto.

Why does the skin lose elasticity?

Our skin can lose tone and be more flaccid due to physiological factors, such as skin aging, which begins already around the age of thirty, when the production of collagen (the protein that gives elasticity and firmness to the skin) decreases, making the skin more prone to the appearance of wrinkles and less elastic. Other times it can be environmental factors (exposure to pollution causes a lower synthesis of collagen) or exogenous (pregnancy, sudden weight loss, unbalanced diet and smoking), which stress our skin by decreasing its elasticity.

If you’re wondering how to keep skin supple and firm, don’t despair. Fortunately, with some small precautions it is possible to keep the skin elastic for longer , helping it to recover the lost tone.

Maintain a balanced diet

A healthy and balanced diet is an excellent ally to maintain the well-being of our body and also to avoid the appearance of the so-called “loose skin”, keeping it healthy for longer. But what are the best foods for firming the skin?

Foods rich in vitamin C , which supports the synthesis of collagen and elastin, are recommended. Green light therefore to citrus fruits, peppers, strawberries, kiwis, tomatoes and fruit and vegetables in general.

Foods that contain lysine are also essential, since it is an amino acid that our body cannot synthesize on its own and which is present in the collagen structure . Lysine is found mainly in fish and meat, but also nuts and legumes (lentils, peas and soy).

Finally, the “good fats”, or unsaturated fatty acids , should never be missing from the table. You can find them in nuts, vegetable oils (olive oil, flaxseed oil, for example) and avocado.

Food supplements for the skin

There are also  supplements for the elasticity of the skin  that can be particularly useful in keeping it firm and in excellent health.

Proper hydration is essential to keep the skin supple and toned from the inside. The best ally? The simplest drink of all: water.

While hydration starts from within, applying moisturizers and / or nourishing oils also helps keep skin firmer and more supple. The most popular ingredients?

Hyaluronic acid , which promotes the physiological production of collagen and helps keep tissues hydrated and protected

Aloe vera , which reduces the signs of skin aging, keeping the skin deeply hydrated

Vegetable oils (coconut, almond, jojoba oil, etc.), which deeply nourish the skin, giving it elasticity and firmness.

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