Garage Epoxy Floor: Protecting the Concrete Underneath

Garage floors take a lot of beating, especially when you own many cars or spend a major part of the day working in the garage. With time, they can be tough to clean, pitted, and cracked. There come various problems with the poor condition of garage floors. So what can be done to prevent this phenomenon? Many people tend to opt for a garage epoxy floor. It is the process of adding a coating of epoxy over the floor. It seals the plain and porous concrete with a non-porous attractive finish. It prevents wearing and tearing of the floors and stains.

How does it help, you may wonder? Suppose there is an oil spill on your garage floor. With epoxy flooring, you can just wipe the floor clean, but without it the floor absorbs it.


Choosing an epoxy for your garage can be a tough call, you need to consider factors such as longevity and durability. It all depends on the quantity of activity occurring on the floors. Some coatings like residential ones with much less activity can last as long as 30 years while commercial settings can wear out and need re-coating just in a short time.

How does epoxy coating work?

The epoxy resins created a strong chemical bond with the concrete floor whichresults in a hard floor. An epoxy coating that is applied properly resists stains and scratches. It can bear the impact of heavy objects falling or dragging.

Reasons to go for epoxy coating

An epoxy coating helps you in so many ways that you can’t ignore the benefits. Some of them are the following:

  • Enhanced appearance of the floor with the color of your choice.
  • Less costly in comparison with the total concrete floor replacement.
  • Resistant to harmful effects
  • Long-lasting and protective
  • Easy maintenance
  • More sustainable than concrete flooring

If you want to coat your garage epoxy floor, Floorguard is the right choice for you. Not only does it provides the products, but also the installers and other services regarding it at minimal costs. The technicians at Floorguard have vast experience and are highly skilled, which makes sure of every tiny detail.

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