How intelligent process automation can change society

Artificial intelligence, the word itself causes mixed emotions in certain people, and why not? Artificial intelligence has its pros and cons. This makes life more comfortable, but also threatens the independence and privacy of humanity.

While doing so, you can read the points below that describe how intelligent process automation can change society.

Social Perspective

First of all, personal information is safe and insecure in the AI ​​world. Some people may not like the intervention of technology in their lives. Second, human interaction with nanotechnology, biotechnology, etc. It can cause problems. Some jobs will no longer be available to people; The robots will be replaced by them. In the future, operations are likely to be carried out with machines and artificial intelligence.

Computers and technology

With the development of technology, AI will improve more and more, which will lead to the creation of more sophisticated and intelligent computers. This will ensure smooth transfers and uninterrupted service. The services in the cloud will be more integrated to allow the user to access their files in a few seconds. For each element, both communication and computational factors will be included. The gap between the physical and the virtual will necessarily be reduced.

Surveillance and surveillance systems.

Law enforcement agencies and departments will benefit from the use of intelligent cameras and sensors, recognition systems and other tools that the technology will provide. This way they can follow naughty gangs and dangerous criminals. The security systems will be developed and communicated within themselves using AI. Consumer behavior patterns can be monitored and, in turn, help professionals improve their products. Peace in the workplace can be achieved using integrated AI surveillance systems.


Artificial intelligence has opened a huge portal for a developed and influential society. However, the misuse of technology will lead to the disintegration of the environment, society and, ultimately, the world.

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