Automatic car wash bel air md

How to carry out an effective automatic car wash

Using automation has added speed and efficiency to the task of cleaning the car. This will help you keep your cars free of dust, dirt or germs without much effort. An automatic washing machine eliminates the need for tedious washing, cleaning and drying operations at regular intervals. A high-pressure car wash uses high pressure jets of hot water. The heat present in water increases the reaction rate. The oil / grease present in the car quickly breaks away from the jerk of the hot water jets. Gets deep cleaning in a shorter amount of time.

Impact on cars

Dust particles present in your car body can stick to the surface of brushes or sponges during cleaning. These tiny particles can scratch the surface of the lining and mirrors / screens of your car. High-pressure nozzles from automatic washing machines remove dust / dirty particles from the surface without any brush or sponge.

It is difficult to remove dirt from the tire tread. It is harder to remove dust particles from tangled light alloy wheel spokes. You cannot convert these flawless areas by manual cleaning. Powerful Car Washer nozzles can easily remove these dust particles. The wheels along with the body of your car will receive perfect cleaning.

Uniform shower nozzles of an automatic washing machine will not damage your car due to uneven pressure. A continuous shower prevents the accumulation of sand or foam during cleaning.

Microbes love to cuddle in dirt and dust. Heated water used for pressure cleaning can destroy the germs of your car. A hygienic and completely clean machine will be present at your service after every wash.

Automatic car wash bel air md

Some automatic washing machines also feature water regeneration. You can use the same water several times during a subsequent wash. This feature will be useful if you own a car wash.

Powerful nozzles with the heating of these machines are able to remove dust and dirt with the nominal use of detergents. Reducing the consumption of chemicals will reduce your costs.

Environmental impact

You can use up to 140-150 liters of water during manual cleaning. Car washes can reduce this amount to 30-40 gallons of water. You can keep your precious car spotless with a little water.

The chemicals used in manual cleaning will dip into the ground after dripping from the car body. These materials will be filtered into groundwater and contaminated in the process. Automatic car wash bel air md require a nominal amount of cleaning agent. These machines can also clean their machines without chemical cleaners. The presence of a nominal detergent / without detergent will prevent the pollution of groundwater.

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