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HOW TO CHOOSE THE WARDROBE: Hinged / Sliding? Here are some tips

The wardrobe is one of the most useful and functional pieces of furniture in the whole house and is usually never enough. If you are thinking of buying the wardrobe for your bedroom you are surely wondering how to choose it; moreover you must also evaluate how much space will be to occupy and the amount of items it will have to contain hdb door singapore.

To buy the wardrobe that best suits your tastes and needs, you must evaluate between models with hinged doors and others with sliding doors ; therefore also on the basis of the available budget it is possible to decide the capacity for which the door opening system is relevant.

Better then hinged or sliding doors? Impossible to answer the question without knowing the environment to be furnished.

So let’s analyze the pros and cons of the two types by taking into consideration the characteristics of one and the other version.

very versatile.

So what are the advantages of a wardrobe with hinged doors? Let’s see them together

Offers better visibility

When you open it with this type you have the entire view of the closet. With sliding doors, on the other hand, you would find yourself opening one side inevitably covering the other.

You can hang your accessories (e.g. shoulder bags, scarves or belts on the back of the doors)

Which you can’t do with a sliding door.

Small drawers in the lower part of the wardrobe (very convenient for storing underwear)

You will hardly find a sliding door wardrobe with external drawers.

In case you need more space, you could add more modules to your closet without much difficulty.

They are easier to adjust and repair.

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