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Leave Your Yoga Teacher Immediately If You See These Signs

Whether you have just started practicing yoga, or have been doing so for many years, you can still benefit a lot by having an experienced yoga instructor by your side. Good instructors always provide us with valuable insight to our yoga poses, and help us improve them along with learning valuable yoga concepts which can change our life for the better.

However, not every yoga instructor is the same, and you might come across a bad teacher every once in a while. So, here are the signs of a bad yoga instructor you should look out for. The best way to avoid bad teachers is by getting enrolled with yoga classes offered by prestigious yoga institute like Marianne Wells Yoga School.

They Don’t Push You

The whole purpose of having a good yoga instructor is that they always teach you new things, and push you beyond your physical limits to make you even better than ever before.

However, if you are not progressing in your yoga practice anymore, and you feel like you are stuck in the same place, this might be the perfect time to leave your yoga teacher behind and find another one.

Marianne Wells Yoga SchoolThey Judge You

As an instructor, near yoga teacher must focus on the whole class and not just you. Whenever the feel like anyone is making a mistake in a yoga pose, they should make a general statement to the whole class and provide the student with a cue that they need to adjust their pose.

However, if your yoga teacher judges you too much, and calls your name several times during a session, you should leave them behind and find a better instructor. Trying to be okay with name-calling will only make you self-conscious.

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