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Melanotan-Its Effects & DosageFor Use

The Melanotanis a chemical that is made in the lab which is kind of very similar to the one found in humans. You just got to be sure and stay careful before you go on to confuse yourself between melanotan and melatonin. Meaning, be careful, and do not bewilder Melanotan with melatonin.

Melanotan is given as the shot to make erections in the men with erectile dysfunction (ED), tan skin, and prevent one’s skin cancers that are caused because of sun exposure.

It Is Quite Effective For

  • Producing the erections in men those who have an issue of erectile dysfunction (ED), when it is given as the shot right under one’s skin
  • For tanning the skin, again when it is given as the shot right under one’s skin
  • Preventing one’s skin cancer that is caused due to exposure in the sun, again when given as the shot right under one’s skin
  • Other circumstances

Note: More evidence is required to rate the actual effectiveness of the Melanotan for the third point, its use.

The Functioning Of The Melanotan

Melanotan is kind of similar to the substance in human bodies, called the “melanocyte-restorative hormone,” that goes on to increase the production of the darkening of the skin pigments. The Melanotan might also go on to work in one’s brain to stimulate the erections of a penis.

Is There Any Sort Of Safety Concerns?

Melanotan is possibly safer when it is utilized under medical direction for treating the men erectile dysfunction (ED). It may go on to cause stomach cramps, nausea, decreased appetite, tiredness, flushing, yawning, the darkening of the skin, spontaneous erection of the penis, and numerous other side effects.

melanotan 2

To be specific, there is not really enough information if you are looking forward to knowing whether the Melanotan is thoroughly safe for any other sort of uses.

The Special Precautions Alongside The Warnings:

Breastfeeding and Pregnancy: Not enough is actually known regarding the usage of the Melanotan duringbreastfeeding & pregnancy. So for anyone who is trying to be smart or even wondering something like that, just quit the very thought. It would be nice for you to stay on the safer side and avoid using it.

The Dosing Consideration For The Melanotan

In scientific research, the following are the doses that have been studied overtimes-

Via injection right under the skin:

  • For causing the erections in men with Erectile Dysfunction: the general dosage of the Melanotan is 0.025 mg/kg.
  • For the tanning of skin: the general dosage of the Melanotan is 0.025 mg/kg.


Anything in excess is injurious to health formulae is to be applied here.

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