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Printing a Booklet: Extending the Brochure

Perhaps your goal is to attract as many new clients as you can before a significant promotional event. Or perhaps you recently introduced a new product that is a fantastic fit for your current clientele. Whatever your objectives, printing personalized booklets is a terrific method to share your message, highlight your products, and generate buzz for your company.

Sometimes the space you need isn’t provided by printed items like brochures or rack cards. Perhaps the design and feel should be more substantial to convey the value you provide. In these cases, a customĀ booklet printing in Rochester, MN successfully balances the needs of a larger piece like a poster with those of those smaller formats.

  • Similar to a mini-catalog, booklets can be printed with a coordinating mailer or envelope to give the project’s finished appearance a professional, coordinated appearance. Typically, saddle stitches are used to build booklets, allowing them to fold flat for mailing. While wire-o binding, perfect binding, square-back binding, and saddle stitch finishing are all common options, they can all help you achieve the specific look you want.
  • If you want to emphasize a lot of imagery, like an interior designer or an architect might need to, think about creating a booklet. Colorful booklets attract attention and offer lots of room to include crucial information about your products or services. Compared to a conventional brochure, attractive booklets are less likely to be discarded and can help engage your target market.
  • You could want to offer business-specific advice that will benefit your client and raise the booklet’s worth. You might present it as a “How To” manual or create a useful pocket reference that your audience will use repeatedly.
  • Personalization is a further strategy to draw customers’ attention to your pamphlets. Even seemingly insignificant things, like writing the customer’s name or selecting artwork based on their prior purchasing behavior with you, can have a big impact. For instance, if your database reveals that a certain segment of clients consistently purchases a particular brand from your showroom, you can tailor each booklet for that segment to feature that brand prominently on the cover.

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