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The Effectiveness Of Natural Alternatives To Energy Drink Supplements

The energy drink industry is ever-expanding, with new drinks and supplements being released every day. But since the energy drinks are associated with adverse side effects such as caffeine overdose, long-term health concerns, and dependence on a stimulating substance to function normally, natural alternatives may be of interest to some people that can make them to buy energy drinks.

Supplemental Energy Drink

Taste, sweeteness, and caffeine content are important factors when choosing an energy drink to purchase. However, the majority of energy drinks do not exclusively contain caffeine, but also ingredients such as taurine, B vitamins and ginsenoside. Many people report that they like the taste of energy drinks containing a high level of caffeine; therefore, the purpose of carrying out this study was to assess what effect water extracts and green tea have on this aspect of the flavor.

Drink Supplements

Water Extracts

The purpose of this experiment was to look at the impact of three different types of water extracts on the taste of energy drinks. Since energy drink usage has increased, it seems a natural alternative is in need, and extracts are often used to create energy drinks with less caffeine and a pleasant flavor. Based on the previous study by Yang et al., which concluded that green tea extract tastes most like an energy drink, it would be more effective if an extract was used that was similar in color and texture to the original drink.

Green Tea Extract

The purpose of this study was to look at the effect of green tea extract on the taste of energy drinks. It would be useful to compare the taste from green tea extract with other fruit extracts, since everyone has their own preference for a certain type of flavor in an energy drink.

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