Things You Aren’t Allowed to Do in a Limousine

Limos are supposed to provide you with freedom and privacy at the same time. That is because they have their driver’s cabin separated, and blinders are applied on windows to keep you safe from other people peeking into the limo.

While you can easily hire a limo service for any task, you have to follow certain rules when riding inside the limousine. In this article, we will provide you with a few things you are not allowed to do in limos in Tallahassee.

No Underage Drinking

Usually, drinking inside a Limousine is allowed, and you can request your limousine company to provide you with the drinks of your choice. However, if you are below the legal drinking age applicable in your area, you will not be allowed to drink in the vehicle. That is because the laws that apply outside the Limousine apply inside as well.

So, you should always avoid underage drinking inside the limousine if you want to keep yourself out of any legal troubles.

No Drugs

Drugs inside a limousine is a big no. That is because of the same reasons as underage drinking. Since drugs are illegal everywhere, you are not allowed to even take drugs with you inside a limousine let alone using them in the vehicle.

If you are caught doing drugs inside a limousine, the limo company will immediately contact the local law enforcement agency, and you will soon find yourself in deep legal trouble.

No Standing on Seats

Just like every other prohibited thing, standing on the upholstered seats of your rental limousine is also not allowed. That is because excessive pressure can easily damage the seats, and can cause you to pay a heavy fine.

These were some of the things you aren’t allowed to do inside a limousine.

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