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Two High Utility Messenger Apps Which Couldn’t Make The Cut

There so many messenger application in the android and iOs market which are much better than the ones who rule the market. These are those mobile applications which could not make the cut because they lagged behind in marketing their product. The reason they could not get the market valuation for their offering is only the inability to communicate properly to the potential investors. It’s the game finances if you could not attract adequate finances at the early phase of arrival. The going gets tough for you, and there are not many options open to run the company profitably or to break even in the short term. Though these messenger apps can’t compete with the market leaders, they are still in the market and running. Meaning their product is good. Below is one of those two names

Chat On

Chat On is the creation of Samsung. It’s a basic messenger. It doesn’t have any calling feature. The application was very well designed; all the Samsung customers must have encountered this. The app did not make the cut simply because makers did not make enough efforts to promote the platform. The application did not have a sign-in feature, so they could not build the community of their own. Building a community, keeping more and more customer under the belt is something every platform company strived for. But here Samsung had the presumption; If a particular set of customers is liking their hardware offering, they will like their software as well. That’s where they assessed the consumer behaviour badly and very well built smooth messenger couldn’t see the success it should have.

Utility Messenger Apps

Kik Messenger

Kik works on the same lines of the other popular messenger apps. It asks to enter very basic details like e-mail address, name, age-group etc. This is actually a very common registration process, which most of the popular messenger apps follow. They use the data categorize the customer base, and offer features and place a marketing strategy to a targeted customer base. That’s where Kik failed, and they could get the consumer base in spite of having a great product.

Making a good product can always give the edge over others, but to scale you a need a good marketing strategy to reach the potential customer base.

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